Legal & Financial

To accommodate the purchase, we work with lawyers, notaries, banks and insurance companies who will also help you. We accompany you from A to Z during the sales process, no surprise, our reputation is based on quality and service.

In order to protect your interests, it is fundamental that you engage the services of a good lawyer. IMMOTROPICAL can recommend local lawyers and tax experts that will help you and speak your language. Before the purchase of the property the lawyer will verify that everything is okay. He will also take care of all the administrative procedures.

Bank loan
For buyers interested in a bank loan, we can recommend local banks where some of the employees speak your language.

NIE number
The NIE number (or “Numero de Identificatión de Extranjero”) is a national tax identification number that is required in Spain by anyone who does not have Spanish nationality. The NIE Number is issued on a standard A4 page, with your full name, place of birth, nationality and the NIE number, along with a stamp and signature provided by the National Police.

A NIE number is required for the purchase or sale of any property, vehicle or boat in Spain. Your lawyer will apply for your NIE number. This is part of his administrative procedures.

Local taxes
There are also annual taxes to meet such as the property tax (IBI), and municipal taxes. These are known in advance. Amounts can range from several hundred to several thousand euros per year. The lawyer will manage that for you.

Community fees
In an urbanization one pays for maintenance of the infrastructure, such as communal gardens, swimming pools and surveillance. These costs are between 150 and 350 euros per month. For new communities it will not be known until the association of owners is set up and it will always depend on the services that they offer to the residents.

Resident or non-resident
For residents of the EU there is freedom to live and work. If you stay longer than six months per year in Spain you should in theory apply for a residence card at the municipality and you will be regarded as a Spanish resident.